The Battle with the Bird

Most people don’t expect a wild animal to come into their homes. Last month, I had a bird fly into the window while I was changing the screen. It wasn’t just any ordinary bird, but a woodpecker. The bird decided to take a strike at my shutters and hit them so hard that they fell down. It was the wildest thing I ever saw, and I tried to get the bird to go back outside, but he started making a lot of noise and I ran away. I had to get new plantation shutters to replace the old ones that were damaged by the bird.

I thought that bird would never leave my home, but he finally did, and when he did, I ran into the room and closed the window so that he couldn’t come back. The bird made quite a mess just by flying around and pecking at things with his beak. I’m glad that it didn’t break any of my glass items or vases, but still he did damage some of my furniture, and of course, the shutters, which I’m still pretty mad about.

When I told the shutter company about what happened to my home, they couldn’t believe it. This was the first case they heard about a bird flying into a home and damaging shutters. They came to my home and measured the windows for new shutters and installed them. They were kind enough to take the old shutters away as well. I thought about keeping a piece of them as a souvenir, but then I decided against it, because I didn’t want to think about that woodpecker anymore. The next time I decide to open my window to do any cleaning, I’m going to find a way to seal it up, or at least make sure no birds are around.