Satsuma Vases

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Nice vase, seems to be just like image. The branches are great and the entire vase with branches looks really nice and stylish.

The sculptor Helmut Schäffenacker (6 vases + 4 plaques) arrange a workshop in Ulm, in 1948. In the course of the 50s he began making decorative ceramic plaques, in response to public demand. From the 60s he began making vases of sculptural varieties, which became the main target of his production throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, until he ceased production in 1993. Schäffenecker redefined the vase as a sculptural object, and made all his works himself developing a casting and moulding techniques which enabled him to provide editions of works. He by no means employed greater than ten helpers: to embellish and glaze his vases.

Once I saw this magnificence on eBay, I was not sure whether or not to bid on her. A few of …

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