How to Change the Back of the Dining Chair: A Guide by Artleon

How to Change the Back of the Dining Chair: A Guide by Artleon

Artleon is a renowned brand in the furniture industry, known for its high-quality products that combine both style and functionality. If you’re looking to update the look of your dining room or replace a damaged back, changing the back of a dining chair can seem like a daunting task. However, with this guide by Artleon, you can complete the process effectively and efficiently.

Step 1: Choose the Right Chair Back

The first step in changing the back of a dining chair is choosing the right chair back. Artleon offers a wide range of chair backs, including traditional, modern, and contemporary styles in various materials such as wood, metal, and upholstered fabric. Consider the overall aesthetic of your dining space and choose a chair back that will complement your decor.

How to change the back of the dining chair? : When selecting a new chair back, keep in mind the height and width of your dining chairs. You don’t want to choose a back that is too tall or too wide for your chairs. Additionally, if you’re planning to replace the backs on all your dining chairs, make sure to order enough chair backs to complete the project.

Step 2: Remove the Old Back

Once you’ve selected your new chair back, it’s time to remove the old one. Turn the chair upside down and locate the screws or bolts that hold the back in place. Use a screwdriver or wrench to remove these fasteners, being careful not to strip or damage the threads.

If the screws or bolts are rusted or stuck, you may need to apply a penetrating oil to loosen them. Allow the oil to soak in for several minutes before attempting to remove the fasteners.

Step 3: Install the New Back

After removing the old back, it’s time …

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What Kind of Services Do Full-Service Restoration Companies Do?

What Kind of Services Do Full-Service Restoration Companies Do?

There are several types of restoration services that restoration companies provide. Water and fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and contents restoration are among them.

Contents Restoration

One of the newest areas of the restoration industry is content restoration. Contents constitute a significant part of the damage incurred when a property is damaged by fire, flood, wind, and other natural or human-made calamities. As such, content restoration is an essential step in the recovery process.

Contents restoration is a complicated process. However, a professional restoration contractor can help. The right fire damage restoration Omaha company will restore your personal belongings to their original glory.

There are various companies to choose from. Some offer complete service restoration, while others provide more minor services. You should also be sure that your chosen company is adequately trained and insured. These are vital steps to achieving a quick and successful restoration.

One of the first things to look for is a company that uses advanced technology like ultrasonics to restore your property. This technology will save you time and effort. It also allows you to recover items that may have been unsalvageable.

A full-service restoration company can help with every aspect of the process. They will clean and disinfect your property, extract water, perform mold remediation, and provide various services.

Water damage restoration

When a leak occurs in your home or business, you must clean it up quickly. Fortunately, there are several water damage restoration services out there to help. A good service will be able to restore your home to its pre-damage condition, as well as help you make an insurance claim.

A full-service restoration company will take care of all the paperwork, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with the hassle of submitting it. You can also expect that your service …

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Bodega43, Your One-Stop Shop

Bodega43, Your One-Stop Shop

You might be in the market for a wine cooler but not sure of which one to get. Well, depending on the size of your wine collection and your budget, a dual-zone wine fridge might just be your best bet. However, you may be asking where you would find one of these without paying an arm and a leg; well, the answer to that is Bodega43 wine cooler shop. Here you are able to find the best dual-zone wine coolers at the most affordable price possible. Thus, Bodega43 Wine Cooler shop UK is the one-stop shop to find the perfect dual wine fridge for you which suits your budget and your needs.

What is a dual wine cooler, and is it really necessary?

Many of you might have heard of a dual-zone wine cooler but are not exactly sure of how it works or the purpose it serves. Thus, a dual-zone wine cooler is simply just a wine cooler with two separate zones in which you can control the temperature of each zone separately; with a dual-zone wine cooler, you are able to store your reds and whites in the same cooler but at their differing temperatures, bringing out the best in each of them. However, dual-zone coolers can be quite pricey depending on where you purchase them from and the various features it includes, but Bodega43 hosts a great array of dual-zone wine coolers, ranging in size, colour, and, most importantly, the price thereof. 

Benefits of an affordable dual-zone wine cooler

As previously mentioned, dual-zone wine coolers can be a bit pricey because, as the name suggests, it is essentially two wine coolers under the same shell; however, there are much more affordable options out there that could possibly meet all your expectations and more. Therefore, with a dual-zone …

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How to Choose Wallpaper for Wall Design

How to Choose Wallpaper for Wall Design

If you’re considering adding wallpaper to your room, you have many choices. You can go for Patterned wallpaper, Bordering wallpaper, Metallic wallpaper, or Paper-hangings. Whichever one you choose, it will look great on your wall and make your room look beautiful. If you’re not sure what kind of wallpaper to get, read these tips to make a decision. You’ll be surprised at how

easy it is to get the look you want.

Patterned wallpaper

Whether you are going for dramatic or subtle, pattern-laden wallpaper will add drama to any room. However, patterned wallpapers can be overwhelming. Here are expert tips to avoid patterned wallpapers going overboard. Using the right colour and texture is key. Wallpapers with subtle shades will complement each other. If you want to add more drama to a room, consider using a striped wallpaper. This type of wallpaper can complement patterns from a variety of patterns.

Bordering wallpaper

Bordering wallpaper for wall design is an easy way to add your own unique style to your room. Whether you’re creating a new look or updating the decor in your home, there are several benefits to using this simple design element. Wallpaper borders are relatively easy to apply and can be placed three feet from the floor or in the middle of a wall to create a distinct look. In addition, wallpaper borders can be used to create a faux tray ceiling effect.

Metallic wallpaper

The use of metallic wallpaper for interior design has become a popular trend in recent years. Available in many shades and patterns, metallic wallpaper can highlight a person’s taste or add a touch of glamour to a room. It also has the unique ability to reflect light, which makes it perfect for rooms with minimal or no natural light. Besides its unique aesthetic appeal, …

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Choosing Unique Lamp Shades

Choosing Unique Lamp Shades

If you’re looking for a lamp shade that’s different from the norm, you’ve come to the right place. You can choose from unique lamp shades that feature classic wallpaper designs or modern pieces that incorporate a more contemporary style. For example, the Cole and Son “The Woods” lamp shade has an oatmeal linen exterior that goes well with a nature-themed decor theme. This lamp shade’s interior features a monochrome landscape, which shows through the sides when it’s on. And because the shades come in a variety of sizes, you can match the shade to the size of the room.

Baroque lamp shade

A Baroque lamp shade can elevate the style of any room. Using wood, metal, or fabric, these shades can be as old as the 18th century or as new as the 20th. Because they are so popular, many designers have produced them over the years. However, the Chelini Firenze lamp shade is widely regarded as the most beautiful. So, how do you choose the right one? Read on to find out.

Rattan lampshade

A Rattan lampshade is a practical accessory for your home. It can serve as a cozy light for your bedroom, or as a decorative accent above your dining table. These lampshades come without a cord or socket, but they are incredibly easy to make. You can also purchase a lamp without one, if you prefer. In any case, you should always measure the area where you will be placing the lamp and buy a shade that matches it.

Butterfly paper lampshade

If you love butterflies, this butterfly paper lampshade is sure to delight you. The delicate butterfly pattern on the top makes it an exquisite way to light up your room. You can use the butterfly lightshade in your living room to provide a soft …

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Significant Household Remodeling Can Help People Avoid Problems

Significant Household Remodeling Can Help People Avoid Problems

Remodeling projects are sometimes fairly easy to complete. More extensive remodeling projects will tend to require a comparatively large amount of planning. When people remodel their entire houses, they’ll need to understand many important details related to the renovation process before the work even begins. 

Thorough Work

It makes sense to substantially remodel some houses. People who have older houses might actually need to have the pipes replaced, along with many similar important changes. Even replacing the full indoor system of pipes in a house can require the removal of several walls. It’s work that can take several sessions in many cases. 

If people are already having the indoor pipes replaced, it can make sense to get the household insulation replaced and updated as well. Construction professionals might have the opportunity to do so more easily if they’re already trying to reach different concealed household sections. 

The insulation of a home can have a strong effect on how comfortable it is throughout the year. Houses that have effective and stable insulation will very successfully retain cooled internal air, as well as strongly heated air. 

When a house seems to be constantly losing air, it’s possible that building professionals will just need to completely or partially replace the insulation. It’s usually not a feature that can be repaired, and it’s difficult to replace it casually. 

After people have already decided to upgrade the insulation and their pipes, a whole house remodel might make even more sense for them. They might discover that they need to really make even more changes once the contractors have seen the state of the plumbing system or the insulation. 

House Features

When changing a house on this level, people might still leave some parts of the home relatively unaltered. However, a remodeling process like this will …

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Types of Window Treatments

Types of Window Treatments

There are several types of window treatments that are suitable for a variety of rooms. These include Drapes, Shutters, Roller shades, and Roman shades. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of each type in greater detail. In addition to being visually pleasing, window treatments can also help filter or block sunlight. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing window treatments. Ultimately, you should choose the type that fits the room best.

Roman shades

If you are considering installing Roman shades for your windows, there are several things you should know. Before you buy a window treatment, make sure to measure the width of the window frame. There are two types of mounts: inside mount and outside mounted. The inside mount option is preferred because it is less noticeable. The outside mount option is more functional, but it may not work for narrow window frames. Either way, you should be sure to check the measurements carefully and choose the most visually appealing one.

The most important decision when planning to order custom Roman shades is the face fabric. This is what will set the overall look of the finished product. It also affects how the shades operate and stack. Ideally, the fabric should be pliable and not too stiff. Try folding the fabric a few times to see how well it will lay flat and be easy to operate. If it doesn’t lie flat, it’s probably not the right choice.

Roller shades

If you’re looking for a window treatment that will blend seamlessly with your decor, consider roller shades. With their minimalist look, roller shades can be used in a wide variety of interior designs, whether you’re trying to minimize light in your room or keep it completely dark. These shades roll over a dowel in the …

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Towel Bar with Hooks For Bathrooms

Towel Bar with Hooks For Bathrooms

Towel bars with hooks are the perfect finishing touch for any bathroom. They are available in a variety of styles to match your decor. Some types of towel racks have extra features, such as art or plants, while others are only functional. If you have limited wall space, make sure you consider the size of your bathroom when purchasing a towel bar. If you don’t want to clutter your bathroom, choose one with a single or double hook.

Heater towel bar

A towel rack in the bathroom is a great addition to the bathroom. These are usually installed on the walls and can be removed as needed. If you have a large bathroom, you may already have mirrors, shelves, and art work. Towel bars are usually placed near the shower or bathtub to make your life easier. They require wall space and can be mounted directly on the door or through a hook fixture.

Floor standing towel rack

A freestanding towel rack is an attractive way to organize your bathroom. This kind of bathroom storage can serve double duty, as it is also a decorative piece of furniture. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, you can go with the Kings Brand Victory Freestanding Towel Rack. It’s available at a low price and comes with three staggered rails and a wire shelf. These freestanding towel racks are also very functional, as they come with baskets that you can hang from them.

Double-hook towel ring

The double-hook towel ring for bathrooms is an essential bathroom accessory. The ring can hold both hand towels and bath towels. Bathrooms with rustic or vintage designs can utilize a brass towel ring. Bathrooms with modern or chrome centered designs can also opt for a brass towel ring. Brass towel rings are the least popular, but …

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How to Arrange Small Bathroom Furniture

How to Arrange Small Bathroom Furniture

When you’re looking to maximise space in a small bathroom, you should consider floating or wall-mounted shelving. These can create a seamless line of storage, and double drawer units can make the most of the space. The Scheme furniture range features convenient in-drawer dividers to maximize storage. If space is at a premium, you should also consider the practicality of a fabric organizer basket. If you’re still unsure about how to arrange your new bathroom furniture, read on to discover our top tips.

Wall-mounted modular furniture

Floating storage units are ideal for small bathrooms, as they offer the illusion of space. Floating units work well in bathrooms with a minimalist design, as they have plenty of open shelves for folded towels. Floating storage units can also be used for other bathroom bits and pieces. Unlike fixed shelving, these units don’t take up much floor space, and they can be customized to fit your storage needs. Whether you’re storing cosmetics or other bathroom clutter, floating storage units are a great way to save space without compromising on style.

Over-the-toilet shelf

A space-saving over-the-toilet shelf provides easy access to hand towels and washcloths. These shelves can be complemented by a small hanging shelf in the same style to hold decanters of shampoos, conditioners, and body washes. These stylish shelves are perfect for small bathrooms, and come in a variety of finishes. For extra functionality, choose one with a rustic barn wood finish or one with a white or espresso finish.

Floating vanity

If you have a small bathroom, consider installing a floating vanity. The downside of this type of vanity is the need to install a support frame that is made of steel. This frame should be especially sturdy and durable for elderly people, and you must have the floor finished before …

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Playroom Furniture Ideas

Playroom Furniture Ideas

Getting creative with storage pieces in your playroom is an excellent way to manage clutter and add style. Choose a double-duty storage ottoman, a basket set, or a bookshelf with bins. For a chic design, choose storage pieces made of more appealing materials that complement your decor. Consider adding graphic floral artwork to your walls to add an element of grown-up style to the space, yet still feel appropriate for a child’s room.


When shopping for storage for your child’s playroom furniture, there are a few things to consider. Wooden playroom furniture is a good option for many reasons. First of all, it’s durable. You can also add wooden storage bins to cubbies and shelves for a classic design motif. Metal storage is great for older children, since it’s easy to clean and rust-free. If you’re unsure what to look for in a storage bin, check out Ashley HomeStore’s premium options for kids’ playrooms.


If your child has an abundance of toys, organization of playroom furniture ideas can help you get them all in their designated place. You can utilize storage areas in furniture like bookshelves and ottomans, as well as baskets and cube organizers. Toys should be stored close together for easy access, so similar items like doll clothing should be kept next to each other. You can use bins and woven baskets to hold small items, while plastic tubs with lids are perfect for oversized items.

Chic design

There are many reasons to choose a Chic design for your child’s playroom furniture. There are many different materials to choose from. You can even choose one that combines function and style. Some of the best options include plastic, metal, or even a combination of both. Whether you’re looking for the latest in design for your child’s playroom, …

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