Decorative Softee Bolster Pillow

Pillows and BolsterSitting up takes sooooooo much work. Especially when the alternative is stretching out with the latest news and an excellent gentle bolster pillow to softly prop your head. The third undertaking in our Teen Fairly Pack trio is that this additional long, additional tender bolster/neckroll pillow. We used Minky Marshmallow for our middle panel trimmed with the gorgeous swooping birds of Michael Miller Fabric’s Bonnes Amies. I’m positive our mannequin has completed her homework and is simply relaxing. No less than… I’m fairly positive.

Set up the invisible zipper into the main piece and iron press to check your seam with the zipper. I am certain you’d prefer to have the zipper invisible. So please be sure that to sew very very close to the zipper once you put in it. This sensational cushion in ergonomic design, is the right resolution for you and your loved ones. Fabricated from adaption …

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