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Blankets and BedspreadsYou could find this strange, but I really enjoy making the beds. I like all of the elements of bed-making: the straightening, the pulling-up, the smoothing and tightening. It is an necessary ritual in my day. This week, I used to be performing the standard mid-winter bedding blitz, the place I wash each piece of bedding from all three beds in our house. The washer and dryer run all day lengthy, a long procession of blankets and quilts emerging clear and fluffy. January is a good time for freshening most issues, together with bedding. Winter is far from over, and we’ll want the heavy-duty blankets for fairly a while longer. I really feel very achieved when all the beds are put back together; the bedrooms look neater and every little thing smells like material softener for a number of days.

Egyptian and Pima cotton bedding: There is some debate about …

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