Psychic Medium & Author Spiritman Joseph Tittel

Candles and Incense

It is the top of a hectic workday, and you arrive at dwelling exhausted. Feet aching, again sore-nothing sounds better than a sizzling bathtub surrounded by candlelight. However wait: earlier than lighting that match, take a better take a look at the candles in your home. What you might think about to be an all pure, beneficial product may truly be harming your well being and polluting your own home.

A family heirloom or an vintage might hold much more complicated feelings since they have been used for much longer by varied folks. It is also doable that some objects might even be haunted, in that the essence of an individual in the form of residual energy has latched onto the article. There have additionally been accounts of the particular spirit of an individual attaching to an object resembling a mattress, chair and so on.

A working altar is designed specifically for magical workings. Some workings could be completed in a night, but other occasions extra elaborate workings in direction of long-time period objectives can require a arrange that goes undisturbed for a while. In the event you’re using an altar specifically for magic, it needs to be the least …

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