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Candles and Incense

Your Wiccan God and Goddess are actually what it’s all about. That’s what the rituals are for. That is why we have a good time the Wheel of the Year. That is why we pray and meditate.

word patchouli may be very delicate – please think cash and abundance when mixing. For added power rub a green candle with patchouli oil in an upward movement. Gentle each the incense and the candle whereas pondering of manifesting cash into your life. All the time bear in mind, you do nonetheless need to work at manifesting prosperity, it is not going to come to you if you are not willing to work for it.

These soy candles are made up of soy, as a substitute of the paraffin wax, and so they burn extra evenly and cleanly than the wax candles. So for the aesthetically inclined folks, they are a greater bargain …

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