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Biltmore Lamp & Shade Gallery offers elegant Antiques , Accessories, Presents, High-quality Lamps, Designer and Primary Lampshades , Finials, Lamp Repair Providers, and Seasonal Accessories. Biltmore Lamp & Shade Gallery is also Asheville’s unique retailer of Starfire Designs Jewelry by Charlie Wharton!

Decide whether or not you’ll use and adorn existing shades or whether or not you’ll make new ones from scratch. If making new ones, work out what dimension of shade you need by measuring the prevailing shades or by experimenting with creating paper shades of assorted standard size shades to see which size would work properly. Look for frames in the right measurement in your native craft store or buy on-line.

HIDs stands for high-intensity discharge lamps and is a type of electrical gas-discharge lamp that produces light output by creating an arc of electrical energy between two tungsten material electrodes; the arc of electricity ignites the metallic …

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