Hawthorne Bathtub Rug

Bath Mats and Rugs

If you happen to’re on the lookout for an easy, fun project that doesn’t require much psychological effort (apart from selecting colours and doing fundamental crochet), then making a rag rug is the proper undertaking for you!

I set the temperature on my washing machine to chilly, as I used to be apprehensive a warm or hot setting would peel the froth backing off the mat. I also used a daily wash cycle. I figured delicate would be too gentle to actually get the grime out, however I used to be nervous high agitation would even be too rough on the backing. I let the machine fill partially with water after which dumped in a cap full of my regular detergent. I put the bathtub mat (together with another one in all our mats) into the washer and swished them round a bit to ensure they would not find yourself …

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