Collectible Dragon Candles & Incense

Candles and Incense

Our sense of scent is tied on to the a part of the mind that’s linked to memory and emotion. The sense of smell may be very highly effective, and often overlooked or ignored as a beautiful therapeutic and emotional assist. From private expertise, I’ve experienced scents that remodel me to a very good temper, relive and recall reminiscences and events and in a single case, utilizing Sandalwood with transient meditation, helped me through a extreme illness. But that is another story.

Perform this and charge this amulet on this fashion for so long as possible(a half hour is ideal). As soon as the ritual is completed, let the incense burn fully out and then place the amulet right into a velveteen bag that’s sprinkled with herbs that characterize that of which you wish to use the amulet for. For example when you’ve got a love amulet use herbs such …

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