Triple Motion Candles

Candles and Incense

I gave you all an inventory of my favourite scented candles and you all jumped on me with varied opinions, so I’m curious to see what you may do with incense. I REALLY LIKE a superb incense and hate a bad one. I desire delicate, complex scents that aren’t too candy or cloying, so this is my listing of the most effective one’s that I do know (and I’ve polled a few friends).

What you will have to do is place the candle in your energy hand. Your energy hand is the one that you simply write with. Place your opposite hand upward toward the sky. Visualize your purpose; on the end of this working what’s it that you wish to have completed? Visualize and imagine the hand being crammed the energy of the God/dess. Now see the universal mom power combining along with your intention. With this mixed vitality …

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