How To Mod Podge Or Decoupage A Picture Frame

Picture FramesI’m at all times looking for a neater solution to do things. And positive, I’ve made miter minimize frames, but it does take a little work to get the miters right and tight. I’ve give you a straightforward option to make skilled trying frames without coping with finicky miter cuts. They’re so easy to make, a 10 12 months outdated might do make them an find yourself with a frame worthy of a gallery!

Maybe counter intuitively, 2mm glass is less susceptible to wreck than its thicker 3mm counterpart. This is because the thinner glass is more flexible and may flex just a little more than 2mm glass. So you’ve got down the basics and wish to know how to make your wall really beautiful. Listed below are some tips for taking your design to the next stage.

These frames have made an incredible addition to my lounge wall, I …

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