Höglund Art Glass

Art GlassI’ve all the time been fascinated by the artistry and craft of nice art glass artists, so I was thrilled to talk with Greg Mattson and his accomplice, Frank Dobronte, of Mattson’s Effective Artwork. Their enterprise focuses on bringing a tremendous style of artwork to the market. Their ardour for the medium and for the artists they characterize is clear whenever you watch their interactions with artists and collectors and see the vary of artwork they symbolize.

Robert L. Hamon made a wonderful paperweight referred to as the Hamon reduce rose. Totally different than a crimp rose, a hand lower rose is more lovely. Each petal is individually formed by cutting in 4 places a small blob of sizzling glass, which is encased in crystal. The Hamon roses nearly seemed real, floating in a faceted slab of crystal, their petals flanked by stunning green leaves. He made rose paperweights in …

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