Grandmother’s Quilts

QuiltsGenerally known as tiling or a mosaic, a tessellation is a sort of sample. Specifically, in keeping with the Miriam-Webster on-line dictionary, a tessellation is a overlaying of an infinite geometric plane with out gaps or overlaps by congruent airplane figures of 1 sort or a number of. Have a look around and you might be sure to see a tessellation sooner or later. They are found all over the place, from nature to man-made objects. There are professionals who research them, and more intricate tessellating designs can present endless fascination to those that recognize them.

These materials are on the fashionable edge, so I selected a free-handed border that was a little edgier. I wasn’t positive, however like it now that it’s off of the machine. This has one layer of eighty/20 batting and is stitched with a sea-foam Omni (40 wt) thread, which matches the outer border. The …

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