Living Water From An Historical Effectively

Candles and Incense

Lots of people have heard of charging their candles for magick, however some folks nonetheless don’t know how. This will provide you with a quick overview of how you can charge your candle and hopefully give you some data as to why it’s so necessary when using candles to do this. This will make your magick stronger and more practical. That is so simple and easy to do, when you see your magick working even more effectively with the use of charged candles then you will notice the importance of charging your spell.

Should you want a spellcasting reference e book to remind you that red is for passion, that saffron is a fire herb, that Marduk was the Great God of Babylon, buy this book. In any other case, don’t waste your cash. Brown – Used in rituals/spells for material increase, wealth, focus, financial success and enhancing determination making …

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