Pinched Porcelain Pottery

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Within the very late sixteenth century, himazu Yoshihiro, the current lord of the Satsuma region returned from Korea bringing with him a group of potters who would go on to produce the pottery that the area is now so famous for. Although these Koreans were brought against their will to work in Japan, they arrived with tools and tools to start the production of the pottery.

Unlike in Britain, where the ceramic revival instigated by Bernard Leach advocated making conventional pots in a neo-rural, revivalist spirit — utilizing archaic modes of production — in Germany the democratic impulse promoted by the Bauhaus impressed many studio potters and manufacturers to supply fashionable, affordable and economically viable ceramics for every day use.

As extra information became available, it was prompt that these wares have been made in Damascus or the island of Rhodes, where a lot later Iznik ware was found. Convoluted …

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