Dichroic Glass

Art GlassAntique Crackle glass is the third most popular collectible artwork glass on the planet, preceded only by cash and stamps. It’s one of the most sought after artwork glass by collectors of antique glass. I like crackle glass, I believe it’s one of the most lovely of all the art glass. When you’ve ever seen a piece of crackle glass in a window with the solar reflecting off the piece, I believe you might agree… A window adorned with completely different colored crackle is really breathtaking.

Copycat or not, Degue glass is credited with being nicely crafted, and superbly designed. Degue produced several totally different types of chandelier lighting, all along with his signature thick glass, and various hand-labored metals. The model that I like finest, although, is the easier pressed glass (pate de verre) suspended bowls, or vasque, fixtures. The bowl is normally seen suspended by three silk cords …

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