Transportable Hearth Extinguisher Training

Fire ExtinguishersWater hearth extinguishers are designed to be used on organic fires only. Since water is a major destructive source for fires, it will appear that water hearth extinguishers would be suitable for all kinds of fires. In the event that they had been crammed only with water, this may be true. Water fire extinguishers are filled with water and compressed oxygen. Because of this if you use it on the improper type of fireside you will spread the hearth faster because of the oxygen within the tank.

Class A fires occur in solid supplies that are usually organic in nature (supplies that comprise compounds of carbon) and will usually produce glowing embers. These supplies embrace wooden, textiles, curtains, furniture and plastics. Class A fires will be extinguished by using a water fire extinguisher, which is colored pink and will have an A classification. An appliance with a hearth extinguisher class …

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