Atlantic Art Glass, 25 Pine, Ellsworth Maine

Art GlassFor those who’ve invested in a ravishing piece of artwork you want to take every precaution to verify it’s secure from injury. But sometimes, despite even the very best of efforts, you may end up in want of wonderful glass restore. Whether you are in search of glass art restoration or just want to take advantage of older pieces you’ve got purchased or inherited.

Lately I have discovered that ‘kiddie’ poster paints may be ‘slimy’ or dont have enough pigment to show, esp. the blacks. I’ve also had some that will not mix with other manufacturers without curdling fully, yikes! There’s a range of high quality, one has to test them. Its my guess that signal-high quality poster paint is getting rarer, anybody have any tips about what is good? I’ve some Wealthy Artwork ‘fresco tempera paint poster color’ that’s not too bad. ‘Chroma’poster for a black is the perfect …

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