Hooray For Duvets!

Duvet Cover and DuvetsRAS ADJIR, Tunisia, Could 23 (UNHCR) – IKEA has been furnishing properties around the world for years. It has additionally been providing humanitarian support to a number of the world’s neediest individuals, together with those fleeing the violence in Libya.

Duvet covers prevent money by defending pricey duvets or comforters from dirty handprints and all kinds of stains. You won’t have to switch the quilt filling very often. All these photos are gorgeous – all these beds look so comfortable and alluring. I agree that a comfortable comfy bed is a must for each bedroom. Voted up. David Crosbie and Mrs Redboots – I concur with all of your British reminiscences about mattress clothes and eiderdowns (I always assumed that sheets = mattress cloths = bedclothes).

I really owe you such a big thanks!! You have taught me so many issues I never knew or had time to study and …

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