How To Remove Negative Energy From A Room

Candles and Incense

A spiritual cleaning makes use of purifying herbs to take away unfavourable energy and unwelcome spirits from your property. It’s a good suggestion to cleanse your home with herbs from time to time to adjust the emotional atmosphere and keep peace. If you are moving into a new home or workplace, have it blessed or cleansed, or do it yourself, to chase away unfavourable vitality from previous occupants.

To carry out a easy candle magic spell, simply write your purpose or intent on a chunk of paper. The paper must be the same color because the candle you are using. Fold or roll the paper and burn it within the candle flame, holding it as long as you may without burning your self. Let the paper end burning in a firesafe bowl or container. And let the candle burn all the best way out. Do Not relight the candle, even …

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