Window TreatmentsThese long, translucent curtains in medium gray go an extended approach to dim the light from the bed room window, and the double layer of panels block the sun for napping or let in a bit extra daylight on a cloudy day. The ground-to-ceiling size turns a small window into a standout by drawing the attention upwards and making the window seem a lot taller than it really is.

Creator’s observe: It so occurred that my lighter material already had finished edges, as I had sewn it previously for a desk cowl, which was not used. So, in my case, I only needed to sew the very outer vertical hems to surround the raw edges of every panel. Blinds will be made in a wide range of materials, some expensive, and some less so. Cheaper blinds are often made in vinyl, polyester, aluminum, or PVC. These are inexpensive materials which … Read More