Chicken Feeder Planters Unique Flower Pots

Flower Pots and PlantersI ponder if a foam pot would work if I used a hand noticed to cut the piece away? I simply adore it and was thinking of ways to make it for those, like me, who do not have use of an electric saw.

I found two glass spheres at Goodwill too and thought they would work properly for making concrete garden sculptures. We stuffed one up all the way and a second one up about three/4 of the way. Thanks randomcreative – I appreciate it. These is probably one among my favorite projects and now that it is warmer the vegetation are really starting to develop in the boots.

The key to correctly drill drainage holes is using the proper drill bit. Most of the ceramic containers meant for vegetation are made out of gentle terracotta clay. These containers can be discovered both glazed or left of their natural …

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