Are Candles, Incense Causes Of Illnesses?

Candles and Incense

After recent well being-driven moves to tax or prohibit using power drinks, artificial sweeteners and electronic cigarettes, French health authorities have now set their sights on cracking down on scented candles and incense, because their aroma could be masking poisonous fumes.

Glad you like the concept. I specialize in philosophical alchemy which seems to to root objective and connectivity of issues on a religious stage. Instead of essential oils, try for example, selecting a sprig of juniper and grating or chopping this small then add that to the candle you make, of course depending on function. Or berries or any other natural herb or spice, gathered with magical intent remembering to thank the nature parts when gathering, then made with magical intent, then see how the response to your spells and rituals improves.

In my guide Free Your Breath, Free Your Life , I wrote concerning the respiratory dangers of …

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