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Ceramics, Porcelains and Vases

Archaeological evidence, along with the instance of primitive tribes in latest instances, suggests that the earliest containers used by neolithic man range from hollowed out pieces of stone or wood to extra elaborate artefacts resembling baggage of animal pores and skin and, above all, baskets. Basketry is likely one of the earliest crafts to be developed. Almost every area of the world has suitable supplies, in grasses, reeds or willows, and the resulting object is both low cost and light.

Moroccan pottery is also tied to its individuals’s belief of magic and evil spirits. Within the Middle Atlas, pottery was used to predict the kind of year an individual was going to have, both a successful year or not. People would place a couscous steamer on a tent pole and then push it off. If it solely breaks into a number of giant pieces, then the year might be good. …

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