Today’s Quilter

QuiltsHello good day… It’s been just a few weeks since my final put up. Fairly typical for me actually. I get real motivated as a result of I’ve to blog 😉 and the life form of takes over.

They’re really lovely. I’ve acquired a few miniature quilts as items and love them. Haven’t made one myself though. Very helpful hub. You packed plenty of information into this hub-superbly! Very engaging article. Properly finished and deserving of Hub of the Day. Congrats and Merry Christmas!! Second possibility tried was muslin. Professionals: natural cotton choice that does not need to be removed after stitching and could be very stabilizing. HUGE pluses. Don’t wash vintage quilts. The agitation might tear the intricate stitching and make old dyes run. If there’s any writing on the quilt, it could wash it off.

This iron contains the fundamental ironing tip, a stand and a screwdriver for …

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