Korean Funeral Tradition

Candles and Incense

If you are on a price range, we also make paraffin tapers and provide pariffin votives and paraffin candle inserts for conventional Orthodox lampadas.

If the candle burns out in a short time the task may have needed fast power. It could have consumed the offered energy as rapidly because it was manufactured. Alternatively, it might have burnt quickly as a result of the goal was simple and simple. You have to be honest and asking for a need, not a need. For instance for those who want a brand new house because yours is condemned or a job because you misplaced yours. Catholic saints, by and large, do not give to those who have enough already. Burn this in a room where lovers are to satisfy to please the great spirits and to increase sexual consciousness.

Gambler’s Oil This excellent lucky oil must be worn regularly, and refreshed once …

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