Liebermann Pottery

Ceramics, Porcelains and Vases

The V&A Ceramics collections are, in the fields of publish-Medieval European, Middle Jap and East Asian ceramics, probably the most extensive and comprehensive in the world. The collection incorporates an A-Z of things from A-marked to Factory Z.

The name, Liuyeping, is derived from the vase’s slender profile, which resembles a willow leaf. The shape originated in the Kangxi Reign (1662-1722 AD) throughout the Qing dynasty, and is commonly found in a peach-bloom glaze. It’s characterized by a flaring mouth, a waisted neck, slanting shoulders, and a tapering body, normally supported by an identical, concave base since it’s too delicate to face alone.

Manufacturing unit X, Y and Z have been classifications given to a few groups of late 18th-century English porcelains previously attributed to the New Corridor manufacturing facility in Staffordshire. Following detailed comparative analysis of their potting and ornament, collectors established that they had been made at different, …

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