Polo Bedding Makes Horsing Round Fun!

Sheets and PillowcasesFirst off, let’s take a look at what percale sheets really are before we get into why some people love them so much. Percale is solely a phrase that describes a method that material is woven together. How is it woven? Percale sheets are woven where every yarn or thread crosses over another yarn or thread. This is totally different from other materials, reminiscent of sateen, where each thread crosses over 4 others. The percale method of weaving will produce a material that is tighter, stronger and lasts for much longer than other forms of fabric.

If you want to go the quaint route, you should utilize a scorching water bottle. Sizzling water bottles can be bought inexpensively at an area pharmacy. About quarter-hour earlier than bedtime, simply place the new water bottle below the covers, this may warm your bed earlier than you even get there. You too can …

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