Antique Garden Furnishings Honest

Antique FurnitureLengthy before there were cable TV shows featuring vintage pickers. I used to be choosing the Midwest searching for American Flip of the Century Oak Furnishings to sell to out of state vintage sellers. My title is John Reinhart, I’m the author and publisher of this antique furnishings and public sale related website. I invite you to travel together with me on my vintage selecting adventures!

is dependent upon what the cedar chest already has. It may be varnished already: if that’s the case, putting tung oil (or any other oil) on high will in all probability not do much of something. If not, then there should not be any drawback with oiling and then varnishing (though you should ensure the oil is dry before varnishing). Shellac is not the very best varnish although (it will possibly crack / yellow with time and isn’t very water-resistant). You may go along …

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