Identifying Vintage Furniture And Furnishings

Antique FurnitureNot all painted furniture from the previous was created with lead-based paint, but much of it was, so you do should be careful, especially with babies in the house. The danger lies in ingesting paint chips and inhaling paint dust, not in touching, so chipping surfaces pose the best threat. Country Dwelling columnist Helaine Fendelman, who raised two sons in a home stuffed with painted furnishings from the 18th and 19th centuries, reports that the very old pieces almost certainly do not comprise lead. The larger worry is furnishings from the early- to mid-twentieth century.

However severely, repairing antique furnishings isn’t that onerous, however it takes a contact of artistry together with cautious work to do a correct job of blending within the repairs. Observe on unimportant pieces. Get a collection of alcohol or water stains for contact-ups and matching colours on new woods, and study the fundamentals of French …

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