Build Your Own Home Studio

You are a musician, having a home studio can be fun. It can let you have a space and tools to experiment, practice or even make an album. Whether you are trying to hit the big time or are just a hobbiest, here are some tips for setting up a home music studio.

Optimize the acoustics

Commercial sound studios can look like a movie set of the inside of a space ship. There are commercial products that you can buy, to put acoustically perfect baffles on the wall, to optimize the way sound moves around the room and home much is absorbed or bounced off the walls.

There are also DIY techniques to make a room with the best sound. You can buy egg crate foam and staple it to the walls. You can also use carpet or cork.

Get the tools

You are going to need more than a music stand in your room. Depending upon your instruments, you will need equipment like microphones, amps, synthesizers and computer software. You can get most of these things at one place, at Guitar Center.

Keep the peace

One of the most important things about creating a good home studio is not annoying your neighbors or your housemates. Be sure to soundproof the room as much as possible. Other than that, just be considerate and do not make noise when others are sleeping or working. A good relationship with others will bring out the good music in you.