Art GlassEvery time we go back to my hometown of Milton, WV, we go to the Blenko Glass Company, a world-renowned hand-blown glass manufacturing facility that produces elegant artwork glass, functional glassware & architectural glass.

You probably have a kitchen island that’s dated or worn, one of the best ways to provide it a new look is with paint. For instance if you have pink appliances in your kitchen, you may need to strive a bold look and paint the island pink. Then you possibly can hanging pendant lights in crimson art glass to intensify your island space.

Glass is made by fusing together some type of silica reminiscent of sand, an alkali comparable to potash or soda, and lime or lead oxide. The color is produced by including a metallic oxide to the uncooked materials. The components are then heated to like 2600F – then it’s poured onto tin (virtually like a huge cookie sheet) and it floats across the highest of the tin (therefore the term float glass) – sometimes the tin has a texture on it to texture the glass.

A intelligent technique to make a sea or seashore glass wind chime, or cellular is shared by Hannah Milman She discovered the approach from J.M. Porter, owner of a sea glass specialty shoppe in Isleford, Maine near Bar Harbor. She uses eight pound Spiderwire fish line, super glue and driftwood to create a rustic wind chime. The key is in tying a knot and cinching the sea glass with the fish line and then using brush-on Krazy Glue to secure. With this method no holes have to be drilled within the glass.

You do want to clean the window, nevertheless. I recommend doing this outside, especially if the window is large. I discover it best to take a 1:1 ratio of water to distilled white vinegar and spray onto the glass and wooden. Wipe clean with a paper towel and rinse with a hose. Let dry. If it is advisable, go over the glass with a palette knife or even better, a razor blade to get any stray marks or debris off the glass. Clean once more, if obligatory.