Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

Lighting in interior design refers to lighting in a room. Lighting is lighting which is an important element because it makes a room habitable or liveable. Room lighting or lighting is the arrangement of light as an artistic element and is useful for shaping and supporting the atmosphere.

If you are designing the best house for your family. Know that the notion of lighting in a room is a very important but often overlooked element. The room lighting arrangement will not only affect the overall visual appearance of the design but also as a sense of comfort and even health factors for the body and mind of the room we live in.

Indoor lighting or interior lighting should be designed according to the needs and activities of the room. As already explained that lighting at home can affect the health of its occupants, bad lighting can have a bad impact. You could say that bad lighting causes the room to become more humid which is inhabited by fungi or bacteria and even parasitic germs. This is what is feared will affect the health of the residents of the house.

Therefore, to support the comfort of activities both inside and outside the home, the right lighting will cause the room to function optimally. Unique lighting or lighting will create a certain atmosphere in the room and can build aesthetics in the room. Besides functioning to illuminate the room, it turns out that lighting can create a comfortable atmosphere as desired.

To create nuances with lighting following your wishes, we have to first identify the types and characteristics. Will we explain the lighting material, what are the 3 types of lighting? Check out our explanation below.

1. The concept of General Lighting

Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

General lighting is the arrangement of the lamp placement which is done by installing the lights at the center point of the room or at several points that are installed symmetrically and evenly. The purpose of using general lighting is to produce a bright and comprehensive light source in the room. General lighting or commonly called ambient lighting is also used in the main room in the house. Such as the living room, family room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, terrace, and other rooms.

Suggestion: for placing the lights, you should place them in a room where you will spend a lot of time indoors. Also, make sure that the room lighting system has several models that you can use according to your situation and needs to maximize the lighting concept.

For the firmness of the lighting, make sure you also have one main room lighting system or the room where you spend a lot of time, if possible, add a hidden light or spotlight that is a little dim when you want to rest, and add other decorative lights That way the room lighting system feels flexible and is suitable for lighting up friends when doing activities. 

2. Task Lighting

Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

Task lighting is a lighting system that focuses on an area and functions to assist in certain activities. In addition to helping in lighting activities, it can also function as an atmosphere formation. An example of task lighting is the lamp on the dressing table, wherein the mirror, a led light is added which is used to illuminate the face so that it can do make-up activities optimally.

The lighting system that focuses on an area is also suitable for use in the kitchen. The kitchen requires maximum central lighting for the continuity of cooking activities. Place task lighting in the form of spotlights or halogen at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet that leads directly to the work area (countertop). For safety, while cooking, also add task lighting on the stove and oven.

If there is another work area such as a kitchen island, then install a pendant lamp directly above it. Vira recommends, try not to install lights that point directly to the access area or where the user is mobilizing or the area of ​​movement because it can create distracting shadows when cooking.

3. Accent Lighting

Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

Next, we will explain the notion that Accent lighting is used to highlight or focus on an object to make it more detailed. Installation of accent lighting in rooms in the house is usually used to highlight decorations such as small plants, photos, action figures, art objects, paintings, and so on. This type of lighting is not used to help activities, but purely for decorative elements in the room.

In order for accent lighting to function optimally, the type of lamp used should be able to illuminate the object that is lit three times brighter than the light in the room. Usually, the use of accent lighting uses this type of lighting such as halogen, mini spot, tungsten, and spotlight lamps.

Usually this lamp installation is used in the family room or living room at home. There are also various uses, some use it to brighten up favorite decorations or family photos and amazing paintings.

4. Decorative Lighting

Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

Furthermore, there is another lighting system called decorative lighting whose main purpose is to highlight the decorative appearance in a spatial planning concept. But what you need to know is that decorative lighting accentuates a decorative appearance in a spatial planning concept. However, it is important to remember that what is emphasized here is not that an object or object will be illuminated. But it is the lamp itself which is used as the main display that you want to exploit its beauty so that space can look more beautiful and look perfect.

This decorative lighting model is perfect for your living room or family room to add focus and lighting to your collection of artworks. Also as a decoration that makes the living room and family room at home even more special.

5. Kinetic Lighting

Understanding Lighting in Interior Design

The meaning of kinetic lighting is lighting that moves. The light source comes from flames such as candles, lanterns and it can also be torches and other lighting from fires. The light produced was soft and not too strong but moving. The light produced by this can create a dim, dramatic and romantic atmosphere.

For a place to put it yourself, it is very suitable for a certain bedroom, bathroom or cafe. From there came the term “candlelight dinner” which means dinner with a romantic candle glow. In your room, you can use scented candles that serve as a source of light and aromatherapy.

Now you know the meaning of indoor lighting. Besides having an important role in creating comfort and safety in your home. Lighting also supports the aesthetic appearance of the house. Friend, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to determine the location of the lighting for each room in the residence. Tips from Vira, choose the type of energy-efficient lamp so that the lighting settings do not break the bag but remain bright and warm.