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Candles and Incense

John Hilger sells incense and crystals and new age books. He also does psychic readings and tarot work.

Anointing oils are generally utilized in Wicca spells. To anoint” means to therapeutic massage or rub a liquid on to a person or item similar to tools, candles, or supplies etc. Basically, anointing oils are used during Wicca spells to enhance connection and communication to deities during Esbats or Sabats. In case you are excited by knowing the right way to use anointing oils in Wicca spells, this text will help you with this endeavor.

Cleanse and stability the energy in your home the Native American approach utilizing a sage smudge stick or bundle. You just gentle it and let it burn a second, then blow it out. There will be a pungent smoke coming from the stick. Use your hand or a feather to push the smoke into all the nooks and crannies of your own home as you walk from room to room (holding an ashtray underneath the sage). The smoke attaches itself to damaging vitality. Because the smoke clears it takes the unfavorable energy with it, releasing it to regenerate into one thing more optimistic. Checks have also proven that the smoke of burning sage actually adjustments the ionization polarity of the air.

Fascinating hub WiccanSage and thanks for all the advice on connecting with a deity. As a religious medium I work with my guides, which probably kind of equates to the same factor, and the one factor I discovered is to let go of any preconceptions or thoughts of what type of guide or patron deity you want. Who comes by for you is who comes through for you, and no quantity of trying turns a Native American Information right into a Greek Goddess lol!

This book does include hexes, love spells, curses and there is a disclaimer at first of the guide explaining that a few of the spells should not be used with out proper knowledge of the elements used, your intent & the end result of performing some workings. Sure, a few of you Wiccans can have difficulty with this book, however it’s sourced from many other religions that don’t comply with Gardner’s law of three. There’s a little bit of Hoodoo, Voodoo, Pennsylvania Dutch, Powaqa, Pagan, Neo-Pagan, Santeria, Christian magic contained on this guide. There’s herbal magic, animal magic, food magic, magic baths, aromatherapy, and many others.