The Finest Lockbox

Lockboxes and Hide-A-KeysWe want that you use a key lockbox to permit your pet sitter access to your private home. We offer key lockboxes which are yours to maintain. You do not need to put the lockbox in your entrance door; chances are you’ll connect it to your fence, put it on your again porch, or cover it in one other secure location in your property.

It sounds a bit infantile for a tech-savvy microentrepreneur, but in the event you conceal your key in a good location that hits the right balance between easy-to-describe and arduous-to-discover, it may be a viable possibility. A lot of people conceal a key as a again-up plan in case they can’t depend on any of their neighbors to carry a spare key, or they don’t want to hassle putting in a lockbox. In consequence, there’s a whole industry devoted to key disguise, including fake rocks and fake sprinklers that may be placed in nondescript places in the entrance yard.

How To Find Our Entrance Door Key Hey! Thanks again for reserving with us, we’re so pleased you are coming to remain at our house! Sadly, we cannot be house to greet you whenever you arrive, but here are the instructions on how you can get into the property. The important thing to the front door is hidden in our backyard. If you arrive at the handle, go across the left aspect of the house and you will find a wooden gate main into the again. It’s unlocked, and don’t worry, the neighbors know you are coming so they will not take a look at you humorous once you slip by means of.

Lockboxes are common among realtors who want anytime-access to houses, to allow them to do showings for their purchasers. However they’re also a good way for householders to depart a spare key exterior with out making it accessible to burglars. You simply put a key within the lockbox, which is simply accessible by entering a PIN. The lockbox itself could be secured to almost any object outside your private home, as long as it is sturdy.

I seen a few of you have been concerned about hiding your keys in a fake rock because it is likely to be picked up or miss placed. We’ve heard this concern over time and have developed a solution to anchor our the RocLok Hide a Key to the ground to forestall this from ever happening. Now you possibly can store several spare keys in a lock field with 1,000 possible code options that hides in plain sight as a rock and never have to worry in regards to the rock being moved or taken. We call it the LokDown System and you can see it in action here: or you can go to our homepage at: and click the button on the left aspect of the web page.