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Amber – Usually they’ll come to you through signs. As an illustration, if there are a lot of crows or blackbirds around you, perhaps one of the following goddesses is making herself recognized: hecate, maeve, etc. Or maybe you are seeing mermaids or oceans all over the place (on TV, on avenue signs, in books, and so forth.) which might be one of the many river goddesses speaking to you. She will make herself known to you. Do not rush it, but preserve your third eye open and able to obtain the indicators. 🙂 Blessings.

Why then do we frequently postpone or postpone prayer or resist the call to wish with others or with ourselves? I believe it is as a result of we do not realize how important prayer is to our relationship with God. We procrastinate about every little thing (at the very least I believe I am usually an important procrastinator) and lose valuable moments of union with the Lord. Perhaps this is part of Lent: to let the Lord draw me into the prayer of His Heart. To take time to go deep into the interior stillness where I at all times find God. Let us pray for each other as prayer is a treasure of great value for use to connect our lives with God who waits for us to show to Him; He attracts us gently however firmly.

There is a custom to have a trinity of three statues of Buddha in the main corridor of the temple. They come in different units. Some are previous, but many of them can have been made in the last 30 years or so. It’s almost unimaginable to get a photo of all three, because they’re right in front of the door, and you may’t get far enough away to suit all three in the picture. I managed to get a photo in one smaller temple, and here it’s.

As soon as I’ve achieved my cleansing, clearing and home or house blessing, the same might be carried out on your property and likewise with the sprinkling of sea salt on the corners of your property, your driveway and doorways of your home. I choose a few sprigs of holly and cling them over every entry and exit doorway. Holly is a sacred greenery used for cover, to maintain undesirable spirits, animals and destructive power away!