Art Quilts By Carol Bridges

QuiltsFinal June I began to study to quilt. Mom and I work on quilts together. She does most of the piecing, I do many of the quilting. We seen in the nursing dwelling a woman who never seemed to have any guests, and always appeared very very frightened and confused. We will call her Sarah to guard her actual identification. We learned from the nursing employees she indeed never had visitors and was at all times afraid, depressed and confused. We made Sarah a lap quilt to have over her legs when she was in her wheelchair.

The backing cloth is, like the top, is beneficial to be a hundred% cotton. If you’re machine quilting, you need to use a sheet, but most sheets are inclined to have a better thread depend than quilting fabric, and it might be harder to needle. Managing to ignore my perfectionist streak, giving in to impatience – I needed my ‘usable’ quilt shortly – I took the plunge.

I acquired this as a gift, this Christmas. It was made by my sister-in-legislation, and every sew is ideal. And the again looks pretty much as good as the front!! Wow…it’s so very good! Mama Kim – Thanks a lot for the great comments! I will be excited to see it to completion too. I just have to get away from the computer and into the sewing room.

Thank you so much pstraubie! It was a nice Christmas present for me this morning and I still have a couple of minutes till my daughter wakes as much as see what Santa left her so I turned on the pc to see this. Thanks Paula / fpherj48. Simple quilts are quick to make and will be just as lovely as pieced quilts. They’re an effective way to discover ways to quilt.

Grandma: Properly, I made that first quilt the way in which my mother made hers. She gave me the paper items to make use of for patterning. I had to fold all that fabric over those paper items. Then when I pieced them into the block I pulled the paper off as I sewed. It’s possible you’ll be tempted to make use of panel for the back of the quilt as properly, to make a two-sided quilt, however notice that you will have to make further effort to make sure that the front and the back are properly lined up. And I think it would masks the nylon thread just a little bit. That is no fast job – I probably have another four hours of this left!