3 Ways To Turn Your Ordinary Backyard Into An Outdoor Sensation With Wooden Table Sets

You might have been to lots of great parties in your neighborhood lately. Perhaps it’s time for you to host the next party. There’s a quick way to spruce up your yard without even doing any yard work! Here are three ways to turn your ordinary backyard into an extraordinary yard with wooden table sets from Forever Redwood.


1. Become the true grill master of the neighborhood.

If you are out to impress, you can’t go wrong with the custom made Outdoor Table with Built In Grill. It is a Redwood table designed with ample space and dimensions to surround your outdoor grill. It’s the best looking barbecue table on the market. Now it’s just up to you to provide the best tasting barbecue in the neighborhood.

2. Send the kids to the “kids table!”

The hamburgers and hotdogs are grilling, and the neighborhood families are over for a backyard barbecue. The food is ready, and the adults want to eat in peace!  With a kids table from Forever Redwood, you won’t have to tell the kids twice where to go. In fact, they’ll probably run to their special table. Perfect for kids of all ages, you can order just the table or one with attached benches (our most popular selection). Our tables don’t have any plastic, loose joints or synthetic stickers. Parents can enjoy the party in peace, while the kids entertain themselves!

3. Plan a formal dinner on the patio.

Now if you’re looking for a little more formal look – perhaps for some fine dining on your patio, you might be interested in the San Francisco Redwood Patio Table. This elegant dining table seats six and is bold, yet sophisticated with its fine craftsmanship. You may have a dinner party for two other couples and serve a good steak, grilled vegetables, and share a bottle of wine under the stars.

Any of these table options will make your backyard the place to be. This year you can be the party that everyone is talking about!