What Advantage Do Smart Boxes Have in Portable Storage?

There is a battle going on in the portable storage unit arena, one that most consumers simply are not aware of. That battle is pitting various companies and their methods for moving people to their destinations, in an effort to bring cost-effective solutions to consumers. Consumers are the winner here as the competition means each player is working diligently to serve up what people want, namely a sensible and affordable way to move. Let’s take a look at the advantages Smart Boxes has for consumers.

Sized right. Some portable storage units are big, bulky and hard to pack. For instance, one company routinely drops its all-steel containers on driveways, effectively forcing homeowners to find a different place to park. Never mind what all that added weight does to the driveway. Can you say cracked concrete?

Entirely stackable. One problem with portable storage units becomes apparent when you stack your items. Most of us can lift light boxes and place them above our heads and up to a height of seven feet. You want to go as high up as possible so boxes don’t fall en route to your destination. Some units are eight feet tall and that presents a problem: you either must use a ladder to reach the top or hope that the boxes stay put while on the go. Fortunately, Smart Box Storage goes with units that are seven feet tall, effectively eliminating the problem. They’re also eight feet deep and five feet wide, and can hold up to 3,000 pounds each.

Not sized differently. Some portable storage unit suppliers provide boxes of varying sizes. While this may seem like a sensible approach for some, the risk here is that the box size you want won’t be available when you need it. Other companies, including Smart Box Storage have one box size. Although this may sound limiting it is actually liberating: if you need more room, then your order an extra box. In other words, you get the box size or numbers you want and pay for what you need and nothing more. Consider this point a key element in the Smart Box vs. PODS battle.

Lightweight, but durable materials. As mentioned, some portable storage units are heavy and take up too much room. The Smart Box solution is to present a more manageable size and make use of efficient, lightweight materials to provide a better design. Composed of breathable wood and waterproof canvas, the structure design ensures that what’s packed inside won’t become musty or covered in mildew. These points are especially important for people living in moist areas or who will have their contents stored for an extended time.

Storage Solutions Too

For some people, short- to long-term storage solutions are needed as well. This is important for members of the military, as well as for college students, certain types of businesses specializing in seasonal items, homeowners transitioning to a not-yet-built residence, seniors needing to downsize but not in a hurry, the list goes on.

What you don’t want to do is to deal with a portable storage unit company that attempts to put your needs in a few constricting categories. Instead, you need to work with a company that allows you to take your own pace without the pressure and stress of insensible restrictions.

Of course, when dealing with any portable storage unit company, you need to keep in mind a few ground rules, such as the space needed, the final destination of your unit, and what storage needs you have, if any. You should also ask the company for references and check them out. Successful companies are only to happy to oblige as they have both the proof and confidence that they’re delivering what consumers want and then some.