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Strong glass paperweights seem to belong to a different time. Yet there are thousands of paperweight collectors immediately. What draws collectors to the diminutive world of paperweights? Nothing is as stunning or mysterious as a handcrafted paperweight, especially if it was original by a master glass artist.

I’ve 2 collectible figurines which can be clear on the surface, with flows of blue and green coloring on the inside. One is a dolphin that stands on it is tail and nose. The opposite is an unknown variety of fish, that has a paper sticker on it that says Made in Italy, Murano, Venezia. I would like to sell these things, and your article was essentially the most useful I’ve discovered. Costs vary in every single place, so I am questioning if I can actually record these as Murano art glass. Thanks to your help. The packing directions had been superior!

Hello Karen, I used to be taught to place comet cleanser into my tempera paint by my commercial art instructor again within the 70’s. He mentioned this helps take away the paint simpler. We use to cheat and just put just a little in because for those who put a lot in it thins out the paint, I don’t prefer it to be transparant wanting. I can’t give you a precise quantity, its like cooking for me, alittle of this and that till the consistansy is good. I’ve been looking around at among the work in my area and all of it seems to be tempera, some excellent work on the market!

Improbable Hub! Sea glass is wonderful and I LOVE the colors. It is too bad it’s becoming tougher to seek out. Your thought of placing the glass pieces in a transparent glass container to use as a candle holder is solely beautiful. I loved the best way you included quite a lot of enjoyable and helpful information into one Hub. Bravo! Voted up, useful, fascinating and exquisite.

permitted, a handful artists might probably sharp up the flip up of the transom deliberately. then again in such circumstances, their use is steadily obvious. in our own approach, there must be no scratches or nicks. Should you contemplate that you may presumably at a afterwards episode requested to resell the article and you discuss with it as an funding, you’ll requested to dialogue to the vendor about such worries and pay money for a splendid object with out such flaws. however also in the event you realize you will absolutely take the object and the itch accomplishes not fear you an excessive amount of, likewise chat to the vendor and you can truly pay for a reduction.