Five Modern Kitchen Cabinet Care Tips

Modern kitchen cabinets come in old and new styles and a variety of colors and materials. Some of the most popular materials include solid wood, laminate, glass and stainless steel. Some homeowners select one style while others prefer to mix and match.

Whatever your preferences, these modern kitchen cabinet care tips apply to all of the possibilities:

Avoid Harsh Cleaning Supplies

Wonderful Modern Corner Walk in Pantry Wooden Style Interior and Laminate Flooring

Strong cleaners and abrasive scrubbing pads can easily damage any cabinet surface. Although some cleaners only cause damage with repeated use, harsh ones usually stain or etch and dull surfaces immediately. Ask the manufacturer for guidance or use mild cleaners that you would typically choose for non-cabinet situations: For example, you can use a mild window glass cleaner on cabinets made almost entirely of glass or cabinet doors with glass panels. You can also use a mild, non-waxy wood polish to restore the appearance of solid wood cabinets.

Clean With Microfiber Cloths

Unlike paper towels, microfiber cloths don’t leave behind dust-like fibers on surfaces. A microfiber cloth only leaves behind a little lint if it snags on scratched, broken or rough surfaces. Additionally, microfiber cloths don’t scratch surfaces. As a result, microfiber cloths are perfect gentle washing, rinsing and drying tools.

Spray the Cleaning Cloth

Whether your kitchen cabinets are made of glass, wood or some other material, liquids can seep under surfaces when you spray directly on the cabinets. Spraying on a door that contains a glass panel, for example, can result in cleaner dripping under the material framing the glass. Spraying the seams of a laminate cabinet or on scratches leads to moisture and chemicals breaking down the adhesive under the laminate. Repeatedly cleaning in this fashion can eventually cause part or all of the surface to warp or pull away.

Touch Up All Marks

Since scratches and other marks are an eyesore that also allow cleaners and water to seep below surfaces, it’s important that you touch up marks as soon as you see them. Always use a manufacturer-approved kit with a color-matched filler or stain to make this type of repair. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to seal marks to prevent them from enlarging or causing new damage.

Line Kitchen Cabinet Shelves

Sticky foods and old canned goods can permanently stain, warp or crack even the most durable modern cabinet shelves. Installing shelf liner today can save you the time and money you would otherwise lose to trying to clean or repair unlined shelves.

Manufacturers have designed modern kitchen cabinets to provide homeowners with easy-to-clean, durable storage units. If you follow these few simple care tips, your kitchen cabinets will meet your needs for years.