All About Kitchen Cabinets

gbr-artikel-4nop2016-ifan-copyKitchen cabinets are more than just places to store kitchenware and dry goods, for their style goes a long way in determining the ambiance of the kitchen. The modern kitchen has several types of cabinets. Here are a few of them:

Wall Cabinets

These cabinets often store dinnerware and are traditionally measured in 3 inch increments. Their width, height and depth often start at 9 or 12 inches and can go to 48 inches or more if they’re custom built.

Base Cabinets

There are subtypes of base cabinets. The standard base cabinet has a drawer above a door that hides an interior with a shelf or two for storage. The drawer base cabinet is made of drawers and is good for storing utensils or oddments. A corner base is made to fit into tight corners. Because it may be hard to reach all the way in to retrieve items, they often come with or can be fitted with lazy Susans.

Pantry Cabinets
Pantry cabinets tend to be tall and narrow and are good for storing spices, dried pasta, flour and cereal.

Undersink Cabinets

Undersink cabinets often have a false drawer or a very shallow one. They often lack inside shelves because shelves interfere with the plumbing. The resulting enlarged space is where many cooks store stockpots and other large items.

A homeowner can buy stock cabinets or have them custom-made to fit even the most difficult corner of the kitchen. They can be framed or unframed. Unframed cabinets look best in a more modern kitchen, while framed cabinets are found in kitchens that are more traditional. Whatever type of cabinet is chosen, it should be made of high quality material. Doors can come in a variety of shapes including square, cathedral, arched and have a variety of panels, including raised, recessed or beadboard. They can even have glass panels. Cabinets can be made out of wood, laminate, stainless steel, enameled steel, thermofoil or melamine. The final touch is beautiful hardware that complements the overall decor of the kitchen. Hardware seems to be a trivial matter, but many homeowners are surprised at the amount of hardware needed for kitchen cabinets and are even more surprised at how much it costs. Therefore, it’s best to get good-looking, highest quality knobs, pulls and hinges. Drawers and doors should close quickly, silently and without sticking.


Besides lazy Susans, accessories for base kitchen cabinets San Francisco include pull-out baskets made of plastic or wire on gliders. These can be used to store smaller pots pans or even root vegetables such as onions.

Drawer organizers keep the utensil drawer from being a mess a cook has to dig through to find the meat thermometer or the offset spatula.

Spice racks also help the cook from having to search for tins and jars of the right spice or herb. Spice racks can be put in wall cabinets, drawers or hung by themselves on a kitchen wall.