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Candles and Incense

When you may have finished with an incense stick douse the tip in water and break it off. The remainder can then be relit later.

Hi everybody. I was born in Brazil so many years in the past. There I made my first steps in religion and witchcraft. I traveled the world studying from nice masters. In 1966 I lived in Haiti and Cuba for a while, studying Afro-american rituals, like voodo and santerĂ­a, then I moved to the United States to be taught the Wicca Religion. Since ’70s I am serving to folks of excellent coronary heart discovering love, cash, luck or no matter their want. Welcome to my site and Blessings.

Sage is my go-to herb for cleansing my house of negative energies/spirits. One day last month, I got here house and immediately upon walking into the door I was pissed off. And I could not determine why. Then I realized it had been months since I’d smudged my home or cleansed it. As soon as I did…BAM. Back to regular, happy home. Superior article, love the breakdown and data. on the subject. Most people don’t realize what kind of energies can construct up in a home. Blessings and hope you had a beautiful Yuletide/Christmas-time, friend.

Moreover, anointing oils are made up of a mixture of flowers, roots, and natural herbs. In case you wondering the best way to create herbal oils, well you’ll be able to add your dried herbs to sweet almond oil, jojoba oil or olive oil. You have to then allow the herbs to soak completely within the oil for three to five days. Herbs are commonly used in Wicca spells and they can enchant us with their perfume and sweetness. The aromas of herbs carry us to a better and completely different degree of consciousness. Mainly they allow one to focus and concentrate more on the spell being carried out.

I am a firm believer in having a house that is clear and cleansed. This incense was specifically designed to scrub destructive energy from your house and get optimistic energy flowing again. The blend includes frankincense resin, cedar suggestions and mugwort amongst different resins and herbs. It comes packaged in my signature packet – linen cardstock with a vellum sleeve. Every packet is about half an oz..