Tips for Bathroom Towels Decor

Tips for Bathroom Towels Decor

Decorative towels can add a beautiful and decorative touch to any bathroom. However, before purchasing decorative towels, it is necessary to consider the size of the bathroom. It is also important to take note of its color combination and accent. Towels with decorative designs are perfect for space-saving. However, it is important to choose the right color combination and accent for the display to be appealing. To help you select the right towels, below are some tips to consider.


Before you start installing hand towel bars and racks, you’ll want to choose a good location for them. Towel bars should be placed near each sink or bath fixture and at a convenient height. The best placement for a towel bar is on the longest wall in the bathroom – ideally, it should extend at least three feet horizontally. For short walls, consider using robe hooks. They work just as well, but are more compact and fit better on small walls.

Color combination

Selecting the right color combination for bathroom towels can be a tricky task. Try buying a single set of each color and placing them in your bathroom to see how they look in different light conditions. If you are not satisfied with the initial color choice, go back to the original color choices and purchase more towels in that color family. In this way, you’ll have a clear idea of how well each set of towels fits with the rest of the bathroom’s colors.


You can find luxurious accent bathroom towels that can change the look and feel of your bathroom in a few different ways. The Fieldcrest Stripe Accent Luxury Bath Towel is an example of such a towel. Made of 100% organic cotton, this towel is luxuriously soft and absorbent. Its low lint construction makes it easy to clean, and its color holds up through multiple washings. Available in a variety of neutral shades, this towel is the perfect addition to your bathroom.


The texture of a towel can tell you a lot about the material that makes it. The right towel is both absorbent and comfortable against your skin. Some people like their towels super-plush and soft, while others like them thinner and scratchier. Choosing the perfect towel is as simple as figuring out which texture you prefer. A towel that dries quickly is better for your bathroom because it won’t develop a musty or mildewy smell.

Fabric choice

One of the most important aspects of selecting a set of bathroom towels is their fabric. Not only will they last longer, but the quality of the fabric will also impact the bathroom experience. There are several different types of fabrics to choose from. Cotton and linen towels are commonchoices, and some are made from Supima cotton, Egyptian cotton, and other high-quality fabrics. While cotton and linen towels are all absorbent, Egyptian and Supima cotton towels are thicker and have more GSM.


Getting storage for your bathroom towels doesn’t have to be hard. You can purchase a variety of storage solutions to suit your needs and style. You can use a wine rack to store your towels while maintaining a low profile. Alternatively, you can install a hanging wine rack on the back of your bathroom door. Ladders add a striking design element to the space and you can use them for storing folded towels. You can use the empty spaces for other purposes, such as displaying plants.