QuiltsNearly anyplace you go that has a crafty sort of theme; there will likely be a quilt show. The aim of this show is to show handmade quilts and machine quilts that people have made.

The piping follows the road between the orange and the ivory silk, even when it goes into the braid. This was my avant-garde twist on this design alternative. It was easier than I assumed it could be to connect the piping to the individual braid pieces before they have been stitched to the background. I know that the piping isn’t a complete lotta enjoyable to longarm quilt beside, however I’ll manage. I love the look. No ache no acquire, proper?!

Nicely, I hadn’t heard of Frivols before (good title, I believe, from the way you described them in your last publish), however I’m with you. I might have purchased them for the tins, no matter what was in them. I believe you did well with this one. The Strawberry Shortcake quilt is so cute. And sure, those dolls are eighty’s. I remember when my daughter first received them. They’re again, however not as cute as they had been back then. I am such a sucker for cute storage containers. Now if I could just get the storage organized in a smart way. Congrats on nearing the tip on Diamonds are Forever!

I’ve been fascinated with making a quilt but am a complete beginner. I solely knew about patchwork quilts until I read this hub and I wasn’t too keen on the concept of having to chop out a great deal of items earlier than the stitching began. I like to sew neat rows of regular stitches so possibly whole cloth quilting will suit me higher. I shall need to discover this method extra, I need a project for next winter.

We now have a follow up put up with Linda scheduled with some suggestions for newbies who’re learning to quilt. We may even be posting a spherical up of tutorials and DIYs to assist newbies get began with simple, very doable tasks. Make sure you are subscribed to the e-newsletter and following us on our social channels so you will notice when these posts go dwell.