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Towel Bars and HooksHi! I have been getting so much executed around the house this last week and needed to share my new hooks for the loos. I was hating our builder grade towel bars and always having to straighten the towels. I found these hooks at Target and I shared them in my Target Thursday publish a few months ago. Again then I had only purchased one pack. Sadly, they are not available online however I received lucky and located one final pack in my store.

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A downside of these hooks is that, it is usually said that they fall off every 5 minutes. So once you purchase your suction towel hook, ensure you get it from a renowned shop. These outlets will keep higher suction hooks that won’t fall off simply and are made with advanced know-how. These suction hooks are made to carry more weight as compared to unusual suction hooks. So you can simply grasp your moist towel there.

This attractive Over the Cupboard Double Towel Bar is great for holding kitchen towels or pot holders for easy reach. The 2 towel bars maintain your drying tools handy always and could be displayed on the inside or the outside of the cupboard. A part of the Axis line of kitchen and tub merchandise, this rack is designed to attach to any commonplace sized cupboard door or drawer. The within of the hook is lined with non-absorbent foam backing to assist shield your cupboards and forestall slipping. Nice within the kitchen and loo.

Wooden cabinet hardware is warm, rustic and inviting. These cupboard knobs and pulls will create a captivating ambiance wherever they are positioned. Alternatively, you could find wooden cabinet hardware that’s wealthy and elegant both in type and in texture. These items are paying homage to stable antiques, real high quality items from a time lengthy since forgotten.