Candle Tradition

Candles and Incense

Midsummer rituals ought to be fun and magical. You in all probability know at Samhain (or possibly you recognize the extra secular vacation rooted in it, Halloween) the ‘veil between the world’ of the spirits and humans is at its thinnest, making it possible for people to work together with those who’ve handed on to the opposite facet. On the Summer time Solstice, another ‘veil between the worlds’ is at its thinnest—the veil between our world and the world of the fay—the wee folk, the fairies.

Plants, particularly broad leaf ones, absorb adverse power, the more plants you’ve around the cleaner the power will probably be, inserting vegetation in corners will hold the energy transferring instead of stagnating. Burn black candles for defense and repelling negativity. Open windows and allow recent air to circulate. A dish of Rock Salt in a room, or a pinch in each nook will soak up damaging vitality, sprinkling some in a doorway will keep the power from transferring to another room. Wind Chimes, waterfalls, and crystals placed in corners and different specific areas of a room will keep the chi flowing, contemporary flowers will carry the ambiance of any room.

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The remaining fifty six playing cards, the Minor Arcana, equally to a typical pack of taking part in cards, are divided into 4 fits – cups, wands/rods, pentacles/cash, swords/staves – each go well with comprising playing cards numbered 1 (Ace) to 10 plus 4 court cards (King, Queen, Knight and Page). Although no sulfur is included on this method, it’s best to leave the home windows open throughout all varieties of purification rites.

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